Welcome to NG-911, Inc.

NG-911, Inc. is an E9-1-1 solutions provider and interrogator specializing in NENA compliant Next Generation Internet Protocol (IP) based Emergency Networks.   The Company develops network, hardware and software solutions for governmental entities charged with Emergency and Public Safety Communications. This encompasses specialized routing and computing technology as well as design and implementation of advanced networking.   

NG-911, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of services and support, including pre- and post-sale consultations and maintenance of Next Generation 9-1-1 systems, Database Management, Network Administration and the associated interconnecting infrastructure.  NG-911, Inc.’s management team has extensive experience in Next Generation 9-1-1, as well as all phases of legacy 9-1-1 and telephony, including network configuration, trunking, call delivery and equipment interconnection. 

Our engineering staff can consult and assist in designing and implementation of 911 call taking, CAD, RMS, Jail, Warrants/Civil, Booking, Evidence tracking, Mobile Client with in-car reporting, Database Management ANI/ALI, Plate recognition systems and more.

Our mission is to bring the latest in cutting edge technology to the Emergency Services Community.